Magnum Just Launched Their Pleasure Store In Lahore And Everybody Had Helluva Party

Magnam, the premium ice cream range from Walls has always been the center of focus for the ice cream brand. It is without any doubt one of the best ice creams on a stick available in Pakistan.

The company couple of years ago expanded their range of Magnum to include Magnum Pleasure stores where you could go get your customized Magnum and then share it with your friends.

The Magnum Pleasure Store is already serving the people of Pakistan in Islamabad and Karachi and now finally it has opened its doors to Lahore.

The new Magnum Pleasure Store is now open for everyone at Z Block, DHA, Lahore.

The launch of the store, as usual, had set up a launch party where different celebrities gathered along with many of the fans. A gora bartender was there too! Have a look at the images and videos below to see how people of lahore celebrated the launch of the new Magnum Pleasure Store.

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