Huawei Launches Postal Phone Repair Services For Their Devices

If you own an official Huawei mobile phone, you are in luck. Huawei has just launched a brand new door collection service which they call Phone Postal Repair Service.

If your phone is acting weird and need some sort of repair/amendments/checkups, you can call on 0800-00016 and get a representative from Huawei to come to your door and collect your device for inspection.

The service is free of cost for all Huawei owners and for devices that are under the warranty. The company has promised that your device will be handled with care when taken to the service center. Upon inspection and possibly maintenance/repair, your phone will be returned to you at home. A timeframe will be given to you.

Because the service is against warranty enabled devices, Huawei will not charge a single penny for the services they will offer. You will be given a complete repair, service, maintenance or even part replacement (genuine parts from Huawei) without any cost.

The company believes their after sales services is what sets them apart from the rest of the smartphone brands in Pakistan. They want to make sure your device is always at the top of its game by giving you regular service checks for free of cost.