Having Weird Haircuts and Necklaces Can Get You Arrested In Saudi Arabia

About 50 young men have just been arrested in Saudi Arabia for having weird haircuts, necklaces and other accessories that are deemed against the teachings of Islam.

The move came after a recent Ramadan crackdown in Makkah where the police would detain anyone who is not following decency or requirements of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

According to Saudi news website Sabq:

They were handed over to the department of criminal investigations,” said Sabq, which accompanied investigators during their visits to shopping areas in the city

a number of offences like strange haircuts, chains that are hung upon the chest or arms, head wraps and short clothes and immodest ones — for both men and women,

Ramadan is an important month in Islam. It requires the people to devote themselves to charity and piety and remain under strict check. Saudi Arabia, being one of the most conservative country of the world, doesn’t take people going against the teachings of Islam for Ramadan, lightly.

Saudi Arabia also has many other strict rules and regulations over how their citizens live their lives. It ensures that everyone is following the religion and keeps a strict eye on them.