Guess Whoes Social Media Accounts Got Hacked

If you think your Facebook/Twitter accounts are immune from hackers, think again. On Sunday, for a brief moment, Mark Zuckerberg’s several social media accounts were hacked.

It was reported that on Sunday, the social media accounts including LinkedIn profile, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts of social media’s king, were hacked.

However, his Facebook profile was not reported amongst the compromised accounts.

The responsibility for the hacks were taken by OurMine, a hacking group that has over 40,000 followers on its twitter account.

They even went out and invited Mark Zuckerberg to contact them after posting about their success on their twitter account.

The tweets by the hackers have been deleted, but the images were acquired which can be seen below:


The hacker’s twitter account has since then been suspended by Twitter.

In a response to this move by Twitter, OurMine Team posted the following tweet with a backup account.