Google Finally Adds Live Traffic Support For Google Maps Pakistan

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Pakistan’s roads are the most unpredictable in the world. Major cities like Islamabad, Multan, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar all have massive traffic issues. One moment things are calm, the next everything goes in Chaos.

Thanks to Google, now you can finally check how the traffic situation is in your city before you plan out to go. The much awaited ‘Live Traffic’ feature of Google Maps is finally here in Pakistan.

This will now allow you to take out your smartphone and check how the traffic situation is. So next time you are about to go to bahria town from central Islamabad, you’ll finally be able to see what the situation is on Expressway or whichever route you choose. The same can be said for lahore where the canal road is used by millions daily. Now even they can check the situation and plan alternate routes.

Currently Google has launchedLive_Traffic_Google_Maps_ Pakistan the live traffic feature on only popular and selected routes in major cities of Pakistan. Currently only Lahore and Islamabad are supported, the rest of the cities will be added along the way.


The live traffic feature can be enabled on both your smartphone or desktop. Google displays highly saturated routes with dark red lines. As the saturation decreases, you will see lighter shades of red or even yellow. When you see yellow lines, it means the traffic is quite decent for a drive. Similarly, Green lines mean traffic is nearly absent on the route.