For The First Time Since Launch, Zong Is Rebranding Itself

Zong has just kickstarted its new ad campaign which shows its new logo. The company, after launching in Pakistan, has become one of the biggest players in telecommunications. This is the first time the company will change its logo and brand positioning. All new marketing campaigns will now feature the new logo.

The purpose behind the rebrand is Zong’s attempt to shape the future of Pakistan’s telecommunication sector. It wants to see itself as one of the biggest innovator in the sector.

The new logo is brighter, greener and friendlier in its outlook. Also the logo now comes with an all new tagline ‘ A New Dream’.

zong rebrand logo

But the rebranding isn’t just limited to new logo or ad campaigns. Zong also plans to launch brand new cellular/internet packages starting in the next few months.

You can see the first ever rebranded television commercial below