Finally, Android Comes To iPhone

Not officially, sorry guys.

But if you have ever wanted iPhone to have Android running on it for some weird reason, your wishes have come true.

Although there have already been several homebrew hacks that put Android on your iPhone, nothing so far has arrived that would promise stability, until now.

Developer Nick Lee has developed a special phone case for iPhones that allows the iPhone to quickly swap iOS with Android.

The case has its own built in specifications. It has a Huawei’s Kirin 620, 8 GB internal storage and 2GB RAM. It also comes with HDMI, USB ports, a microSD slot and a lightning port. He combined all of these together with a battery and 3D printed a case that can now run Android on your iPhone.

The case currently supports Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The performance is also quite decent when compared to other mods. You can have a look at the case in action below: