CDA Updates On Second Phase Of Islamabad Expressway Signal Free Corridor Project

The signal free corridor project in Islamabad recently completed its first phase. In the first phase, signals at I-8 intersection and the widening of roads from Zero Point till Faizabad were completed. The newly carpeted roads on the both sides with additional lane and signal free drive has reduced the total driving time from one end to the other by almost 7-10 minutes. And not to mention it has also eased the pain of daily travels who had to spend a lot of time stuck at the signals on I-8 interchange.

People are now waiting for authorities to complete the second phase which will cover three intersections.

The signal free corridor started with a cost of Rs 21.814 billion and it is set to be completed in three phases.

The second phase of the project will deal with the five lane 8.5km road that starts from Faizabad interchange and goes till Koral chowk. The roads will be dualized and rehabilitated during the second phase.

After the expansion of road from Zero point to Faizabad, now there are left three more points where traffic mess is witnessed including Sohan Signal, Khanna Pul and Koral Chowk and once these three points are made signal free a lot of time and energy of motorists will not waste, – government official.

The work on Koral Interchange is expected to complete in 6 months.