Boxing Superstar Amir Khan To Organise First Ever International Boxing Event For Pakistan

Boxing superstar Amir Khan has just announced that he will organise Pakistan’s first ever international boxing event in Karachi that will feature a number of different boxers from Europe.

Amir Khan holds the record of becoming UK’s youngest boxing medalist which he bagged when he was just 17. He has now vowed to promote the popular sport in Pakistan. Just after this one of a kind event, he also plans to launch his boxing academy in Islamabad.

He is extremely interested in promoting boxing in Pakistan. On June 4th, his academy in Islamabad will be launched which will help youngsters in the city to train for boxing.

He plans on expanding his academies throughout the country. He also said that there is a lot of boxing talent in Lyari, Karachi. He has set his eyes on the area where he will build different gymnasiums around the Karachi area.

Moreover, Amir has also announced that earnings from his boxing event will be used to build wells in Thar. The dry area seriously lacks clean and healthy drinking water for the local people.

When he visited Lyari, he saw a lot of potential in the area. He now believes that using an academy, Pakistan could produce many high end boxers. He added that people of Lyari are already very fit and have great technique, all they are missing is a place to train properly, which is where he comes in.