Beat The Heat With This New ‘Natural’ AC – Works Without Electricity

Want to save money on electricity bills and beat the heat at the same time? This may have sounded impossible until now. Someone has come up with a new kind of cooler that promises to keep you cool while saving you tons on electricity bills.

The do it yourself cooling system has already been installed in about 25,000 homes in Bangladesh. The Eco-Cooler, is a new device that can decrease the temperature of your room by at least 5 degrees Celsius in a very short period of time.

The device is mounted on a large board with bottle-neck sized holes which has a grid pattern. The idea is to cut plastic bottles (like the 1.5 ltr coke bottles) and fix them in the bottle-neck holes in the board. Then you place this board over a window where the wider ends of the bottles are facing outside.

This will allow hot air to rush into every bottle which is then pushed outside making your room cool.

Here is how you can make your own Eco-Cooler at home.


Here is the full instructional manual to help you build it

And here is a video explaining the function of the cooler. Be sure to check it out.