WhatsApp Releases App For Mac And Windows

Not that this matters to you – because we already know you love using Whatsapp from your phone and because WhatsApp already has a web based application for your desktop – but we still thought to let you know that there is now a WhatsApp application available for Windows and Mac.

The application is pretty much a ditto copy of the Whatsapp Web (a browser based application). There is absolutely nothing new here to see which begs the question; why release it in the first place?

Well as far as Windows is concerned, there are tablets that use the Windows 10 OS. Using the application through the browser on a tab is definitely not a pleasant experience, maybe that’s why Whatsapp released a complete application for that platform.

Or there could be another reason. It was rumored that Whatsapp would release a desktop app which will bring the voice calling feature to your desktops. This isn’t available in the desktop app yet, but Whatsapp could add this feature now that it has fully released the application.

Whatsapp had the following to say about their app:

Because the app runs natively on your desktop, you’ll have support for native desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts, and more.

To install the app, simply go to your Windows store or here to download and get started.

Just like the browser application, your phone needs to be constantly connected to the internet otherwise the app will not allow you to send or receive messages.