Watch: When This Homeless Old Man Reveals His True Identity, You’ll Be Blown Away

A popular indian personality disguised himself as a homeless old man, sitting under the shade of a tree with his harmonium and started singing melodies for the on goers.

At first, no one took notice, but as soon as he started singing, people started gathering around him. He had a simple tagline lying beside him:

Khojna kya hai, khushiyan yahaan hai (Where are you searching for happiness, it’s right here)

People around him were so impressed that some of them sat beside him, some clapped, and some even asked him if he had anything to eat since the morning.

The message was clear. We come across such talent on a daily basis but a very few of us actually go out and appreciate their work.

As far as the identity of the old homeless man goes, watch the video below. Make sure to watch it towards the very end because we confirm you won’t be able to recognize this man until the very end of the video.

Via Beingindian