Watch: The New Workout Routine That Use ‘Dandiyan’ To Fuel Your Exercise

A new workout that originated in Los Angeles is taking the internet by storm.

This new workout is an intense cardio routine called ‘Pound’ where the participants use two sticks to pretend like they are playing the drums. It is developed by two female drummers Cristina and Kristen.

As a Pakistani and South Asian, one look at the workout screams the traditional ‘Dandiyan’ dance. The people behind can call this workout whatever they want to, we know it is a modified version of a very popular South Asian dance that has been around for 100s of years and is performed in nearly every wedding today and as well as in some Bollywood and Lollywood films.

The cardio workout aims to condition and put strength into your body with a mix of pilates and yoga.

Watch the video below:

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And just to refresh your memory in case you have forgotten the traditions. Here is a local video of the dandiyan dance: