Watch: Blind Muslim Microsoft Engineer Unveils AI-Powered App That Let’s Him ‘See’

During the Microsoft Build conference, Saqib Shaikh unveiled an ongoing AI-Powered project that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help the visually impaired or blind people to ‘see’ the world better.

Shaikh is a resident of London who has been blind since the age of 7. He said that talking computer technology was his inspiration in developing an AI-Powered app. He calls this app SeeingAI. The app is built upon Microsoft Intelligence APIs. It helps the app translate real world events around the user with the help of audio messages.

The keynote hasn’t revealed the release date of the application yet. There is even no indication pointing towards a commercial release. It seems we have to wait for another year for Microsoft Build to find out more.

For now, see how the SeeingAI helps Saqib in day to day life in this introduction video: