Watch: Angel, Devil And Prayer Emojis Banned By Islamic Preacher

Wajdi Akkari who is an Islamic preacher in Saudi Arabia has labeled the Angel, Devil and Prayer emojis ‘Haram’.

In a video which seems like a lecture from Akkari, he gave out reasons why people shouldn’t use these emojis.

Akkari says that the Angel emoji has a halo on top of it’s head. This is a Christian interpretation of the angle and therefore it is considered haram in Islam. He said that we do not believe Angels look like that.

He also added that using the Devil Emoji was Haram because in Islam we do not know how the devil and satan looks like hence we cannot draw him.

Then he focused on the ‘Prayer’ emoji and said that in Islam no one makes Dua like that. This is how Buddhists and Christians pray, hence it is also haram to use.

As a added bonus, Akkari also said using the ‘Sign of the Horn’, a gesture rock/metal listeners often use at metal/rock concerts is haram because you are showing two horns of the devil. This is also available as an emoji and you should not use it.

Watch the lecture video below