UAE To Deport Woman For Checking Husband’s Phone Without Permission

A woman was fined and ordered to be deported from the UAE for checking her husband’s phone without his permission. According to sources, the woman wanted to see if her husband was cheating on her by spying on his phone.

However, she was caught in the act and was brought into the court by her husband for breaching his privacy. She now face fine of 150,000 (aprox. RS 4,276,438) dirhams by the criminal court in the emirate of Ajman.

The woman also admitted to breaching her husband’s privacy by checking his phone without his permission. This led the husband to file a complaint in the court which ended up convicting her last week.

The conviction is based under a cybercrime law which clearly penalizes the invasion of privacy of another individual by the use of information technology.

There was no other information provided.

As per the cybercrime law, whoever uses a computer network and/or electronic information system (social media) for the invasion of privacy of another person in other than the cases allowed by the law and by recording of audio or video conversation or communication, photographing others or copying the same photographs and publishing news, statements or information, even if it’s true, he/she shall be punished by imprisonment of a period of at least six months and a fine not less than Dh1,50,000 and not exceeding Dh500,000 or either one of these two penalties

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