Twitter To Stop Counting Links And Photos In 140 Character Limit

The social media giant is making a huge change to its policy of counting characters in a mini blog.

From the time of its inception, Twitter has always kept the length of every post to 140 characters only. This means that if you add a photo or a link to your update, their corresponding characters will be counted towards the 140 limit.

Due to nature of links, they usually take away a lot of precious characters leaving no space to add a few words of your own. This forced people to use link shorteners, which still didn’t solve the problem because even with shortening the link, the character limit is still very easily reached.


Now a report by Bloomberg citing Twitter will no longer count the link characters toward the 140 character limit has just been released. It states that close source to Twitter has confirmed the changes will happen in the coming few weeks.

Last year Twitter had planned to increase the 140 character limit to 10,000 characters. But the idea was later dropped when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey officially announced that they will keep using the current character limits.

Right now it is impossible to tell if Twitter will make any other significant changes to their policies. There is no evident release date of the changes yet, but experts believe the changes could start rolling out in the coming weeks if Twitter is indeed changing the limits.