This Yellow Box Of Happiness Is The New Talk Of Town In Peshawar

If you’ve been around University Road recently, you may have caught a bright yellow box hanging on the wall opposite Khyber Teaching Hospital.

This box, dubbed ‘The Box Of Happiness’ complete with a smiley face emoji, is a box that delivers 100 food containers during lunch and dinner times in Peshawar.


This initiative was set up by the students of Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences). The students fill the box twice a day which serves laborers of the area during lunch and dinner times. Biryani and kabuli pulao are the two meals served through the box requiring no one to pay for the food.


The team responsible for the initivative is a 5 man team led by Obaidullah. The team plans to extend their operations throughout the city in the coming future.

Obaidullah and his team aren’t taking donations yet but they plan on requesting donations at a later point.


Watch the video below to see how the initiative began.

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