The First 3 Issues Of Team Muhafiz Comic Book Released Today

Team Muhafiz, a Pakistan Teen-Hero comic book by AZCorp Entertainment has just been released to the public. Starting today, you can buy the first 3 issues of the comic directly from the Team-Muhafiz page.

The comic book is available in both digital and print issues. You can grab each issue for RS300 only.

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TEAM MUHAFIZ is an action packed and entertaining comic book series that aims to raise awareness over many social issues of Pakistan that are very close to the ground reality.

Team Muhafiz’s characters are not superheroes; they are normal human beings.  Similarly, the villains in the comic book will also be normal human beings driven by gluttony and greed.

The Team Muhafiz features teens from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Their aim is to raise awareness on pressing issues of today which are not just limited to Pakistan, but are easily relatable to the entire world.

The comic book is available in both English and Urdu languages with more languages planned for future.

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