Stan Lee To Help Bring Indian Super Hero To Life

Stan Lee, the comic book icon behind world’s most popular superheroes like Ant-Man, Bird-Man, Black Widow, Bird-Man, Iron Man, Spiderman and many, many more is set to bring India’s first superhero Chakra The invincible to life.

Although Lee is no longer involved with Marvel in day to day activities, he hasn’t stopped creating new characters. In 2011, he created Chakra The Invincible, his first ever super hero from India. Couple of years later, reports started coming in that there was a plan to bring the super hero to the big screen. While there was no updates on the matter, we have finally heard the plan to bring the superhero from the man himself.

Stan Lee has just partnered with Bollywood’s Phantom Films to help bring Chakra to the big screen. Vikramaditya Motwane, the co-founder of Phantom Films will direct the movie. He will be working together with Lee and Devarajan, the CEO of Graphic India to write the script.

Chakra the invincible tells the story of young Raju Ra living in India. His mentor helps develop a suit that weaponizes the body’s chakras. Raju uses the suit powers to battle super villains and protect India from harm.

But in the movie, the plan is to replace the young boy with a young man. You can see a short clip of the Animated series that featured Chakra below:

Also Stan Lee has confirmed that he will have a cameo in the movie. Over the past many years, Stan Lee has appeared in nearly all Marvel Cinematic Superhero Films. Watch some of his most notable cameos below: