Pakistan’s First Digital Mapping Solution Is Coming

TPL Maps, Pakistan’s first digital mapping solution is about to launch. TPL Trakker Limited has just signed a memorandum of understanding with Telenor Pakistan to bring a mapping solution that will help citizens get to desired destinations using smart search options that cover as many as 1.35 million point of interests in the entire country.

TPL Maps is set to cover over 500 cities of Pakistan covering a road network of 280,000 KM and 800,000 distinct addresses.

You will also be able to use 2D models of 55,000+ POIs which will increase the accuracy of destinations. About 1500 3D structures are also going to be available when TPL Maps launches. But these 3D structures will only cover important landmarks like Faisal Masjid, The Centaurus, Minar-e-Pakistan Etc.

Other features available include:

  • Offline navigation
  • Live traffic
  • Voice navigation
  • Verified Location Data
  • Smart search
  • Intelligent Routing


You will also be able to integrate TPL Maps with your social media account to share your adventures with your friends and family. No specific details are available on how powerful the integration will be. But in the starting stages, all basic functions will be available.

TPL Maps was developed using complex and state of the art technology. So it is sure to be something worth checking out.