Pakistani Tremor Tracking Wearable Now On Kickstarter

Tremors is a neurological condition that can cause shaking and trembling in your body without any intention. It is a global problem affecting approximately 200 million.

Having regular tremors isn’t associated as life threatening. But it can still be associated with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease.

People suffering from these tremors can’t tell why or what causes them. These can be random but most of the times they are caused during an activity like smoking, drinking, or doing a specific activity.

For this, it can really become hard for a patient to communicate with the doctor which leaves them to assume the cause.

To tackle this, one Pakistani startup headed by Fawad Bhatti, has introduced a wearable known as Trequant.

Trequant looks exactly like an everyday wrist watch you wear. But its function is much more than that. The wearable is powered by a lithium ion battery and its primary function is to track how intense the tremors were during a specific activity or period of time.


The watch comes paired with a desktop and mobile app which it connects via Bluetooth. Users can then tweak the application to record the intensity of the tremors. This way they can find out what activity caused the tremors which ultimately leads to better communication with the doctor.


To learn more about Trequant, watch the video below

Even more details can be found on the official page of Trequant.

You can also back the US$99 or US$79 version of the watch. Backing starts from as low as $5 (Approx RS500)

Frequent has been under development for the past 2 years. The operations began in Islamabad but the team may soon be shifting to Palo Alto where they can connect with health and tech experts to further improve the product.