Pakistani Film ‘Shah’ Now Officially Free To Watch On YouTube

When Shah, a film by Adnan Sarwar was released in the Cinemas of Pakistan, it was met with a warm response. But apparently, the new Pakistani cinema we now know was still very young. So the response, albeit being superb, was still not enough.

The film was recently played on ARY Digital where it met with phenomenal response. This led the director Adnan to come up with an idea no other director would dare think about.

He went on YouTube and officially uploaded the full version of the Film.

According to Adnan, the reason for making the film freely available on YouTube was to battle piracy. He believes that the positive response from the TV version of the movie would make more and more people want to watch the movie. And these days, a lot of people tend to pirate the movie which is often in bad quality.

By uploading the movie on YouTube, the director is offering people to watch it in its full glory HD sound and visuals.

Watch Adnan Sarwar’s Shah Full Movie On YouTube