Pakistan Internet Is About To Get A Whole Lot Cheaper And Faster

Pakistan’s internet is about to get a whole lot better thanks to new submarine cable being installed with a capacity of 20Tbps.

Multinet Pakistan which is a voice and data company alongiwth Omantel of Oman have announced the installation of a new submarine cable network that will connect Karachi with Barka, near Muscat in Oman. Another strategic landing point will be installed to facilitate Gawadar in the future. The new submarine cable network is being called the ‘Silk Route Gateway 1 (SRG1)”.

The 900KM submarine cable will have two fiber pair systems designed to hold a capacity of 10Tbps per fiber pair.  In the future the SRG1 will be extended with a branch unit that will go through Gawadar to connect it directly to international link.

But Pakistani’s will have to wait 18 months starting from May 2016. Multinet has said the project will cost $24 million.

When the project is completed, sweet, sweet stuff is going to happen. Pakistan will immediately get additional bandwidth of 200Gbps which will increase up to 20Tbps over time when the demand increases.

SRG1 will also end PTCL and TW1’s hold on international bandwidth.

For you, this means that the internet prices will drop down as much as 60% which consequently means you will be able to purchase faster internet connection for cheaper.