Pakistan Cricket Is About To Turn Into A Warzone As Army Takes Control Of Physical Fitness Of Players

Pakistani cricket players have just entered Kakul’s Army school of Physical Training to pimp their fitness level. The training regimes, as you may expect, are pretty hardcore.


The move to shift cricket players into Kakul came just before the Pakistan Cricket Board hired Mickey Arthur as the head coach of the national team. The South African legend agrees it is a good move.


He said the boot camp will help boost chemistry between the players. When a bunch of people train really hard together, they build a team spirit that is unbreakable.


He also said that when he arrives in Pakistan to take control of his position, he will personally start a technical practice regime after the boot camp is completed. This will peak out the physical fitness of the players.

But looking at Amad Butt in this shape, It’s really hard to say that the players are not ‘FIT’. (ahem ladies)


Below are some videos released by PCB showing the training regime of the players

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