Nokia Is Making A Comeback With Android Powered Phones And Tablets

Nokia lovers can finally rejoice, their dreams are about to come true. With Microsoft’s epic failure with Nokia name coming to end today, a whole new chapter is about to begin for the once undisputed Finnish phone maker.

Nokia has just announced that they are licensing its brand and IPs to a new company called HMD Global. Their aim; create Nokia masterpieces with Android on board.

Yes, you heard that correct. Nokia tablets and Smartphones are going to finally support Android.

HMD Global is based in Finland. It is being headed by Arto Nummela who happens to be a Nokia veteran who moved to Microsoft when the mobile business was taken over.  Now HMD will sign a conditional deal with Microsoft to use the ‘Nokia’ name on feature phones and use some of the design rights as well.

Foxconn is also going to be a part of this new HMD Global and Nokia. It’s subsidiary company FIH mobile has already picked Nokia’s former featurephone business from Microsoft. Now the two will work together to bring smartphones and tablets that are powered by Android.

To maintain the quality of the brand name, Nokia will have a seat on the board of directors at HMD. This means that they will have the right to set mandatory brand requirements and performance related provisions.

Nokia phones in the past were known for their excellent hardware. With the inception of smartphones, Nokia didn’t come up with a solid option to attract masses. But it still managed to produce very high end hardware. Nokia smartphones are still the best when it comes to camera.

Now the dream of Android running behind a Nokia with a powerful camera and high end hardware is finally going to become a reality.