No More Hindi Dubbed Cartoons – PEMRA Takes Action

PEMRA recently announced that it has decided to ban Hindi dubbed cartoons playing on channels across the country. Even though the cartoons aren’t dubbed in any other language than Hindi, PEMRA specifically targeted the Hindi dubbed cartoons. This decision came as a response to Supreme Court’s orders to take strict actions against objectionable content being displayed on channels.

A lot of Pakistani dramas also came under fire, specifically HUM TV’s popular serial Udari where a main character plays a role of child molestor. The Supreme Court has ordered PEMRA to take strict actions instead of just giving warnings.

The Problem With Dubbed Cartoons

Dubbed Hindi cartoons contain a lot of Hindu cultural references. Children in the learning stage can quickly grasp these cultural references and use them in day to day lives. This has been deemed unacceptable after several parents complained that a majority of play time was given to Hindi dubbed cartoons instead of English dubbing.

Cartoon channels like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon acquire Hindi dubbed cartoons at a very affordable rate compared to hiring local voice actors.

This move by PEMRA will now also open doors for local voice acting artists to start dubbing cartoons in Urdu language because there definitely is a demand for dubbed cartoons in Pakistan. Moreover, Urdu dubbed cartoons will also teach our children to better understand and communicate in Urdu.