New Pakistani Startup Aims To Help You Confirm Authenticity Of Medicine

Pakistan faces a huge challenge when it comes to counterfeit products. Everything from T-shirts, bags, jeans, food, gadgets, mobiles to medicine are available as counterfeit.

When it comes to medicine, a counterfeit drug can result in loss of lives. This is evident from Punjab’s fake heart drug crisis in 2012 which took away as many as 100 lives.

Now a new startup from Karachi aims to avoid such catastrophe in the future. With the power of a cellphone and other high end technologies, ProCheck has come up with a way to help you confirm the authenticity of the medicine you consume.

The business model is simple:

When you purchase a drug, you will find an eight digit alphanumeric code on the strip that you can SMS to 9900 and find out whether the medicine is authentic or not.

ProCheck will label the authenticity codes themselves and hold a database to confirm authenticity. The company is in the process of printing 35 million medicine strips.

Founded in 2014, ProCheck has recently scored a contract with Ferozsons Laboratories to help their buyers avoid buying fake medicine. Besides this, the company is in talk with another 6 different top pharmaceuticals companies to help buyers. ProCheck aims to sign up with 20 pharmaceutical companies by the end of 2016.

The company consists of five members including the CEO, Saim Siddiqui.

ProCheck will also allow pharmaceutical companies to monitor and check whether their patients are taking the medicine on time or not. It would also help them provide diet and exercise advice with the corresponding disease and medicine.

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