Microsoft Introduces Urdu Office Applications On Android

Microsoft has just announced a very good news for Pakistanis. It’s office applications such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel will now support Urdu language on Android phones.

The apps will be available this month.

The office applications are already available in 43 different languages, so it only made sense to introduce a language spoken and read by millions of people across the world, especially in Pakistan.

The communications manager at MEA from Microsoft, Kamran Masood Niazi said that they are committed to empowering people all around the globe to do more and achieve more. They are bringing more and more quality experiences to consumers regardless of the platform.

He also said that in today’s workplace, collaboration, teamwork and most of all, effective communication are the foundations for success. A key part in this success is the ability to work from beyond the office room through the cloud and mobile technology.

These apps are built, designed and aimed at a very specific group of people who have but no choice to work from the cloud. These apps will no doubt increase the access to key tools offered by Microsoft, thus improving collaboration and productivity.

Urdu Office apps will allow you to do everything you can already do on their English counterparts. Moreover, they will be freely available over the Play store. In order to access the premium features, meant for professionals only, consumers must buy a subscription plan for Office 365.

A non premium user can:

  • View, create, edit and share documents through their mobile devices
  • Get easy access to documents on the cloud
  • Use mobile devices to present important data on a big screen or Television, consequently eliminating the need of carrying a laptop for presentations