Lahore Waloun, Here Comes Another Underpass

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has just announced a new underpass project. They are all set to construct a new two-lane underpass that will be placed at the Gurumangat railway crossing to help smooth flow of traffic between the Cantonment and Gulberg areas.

The estimated cost of the underpass is RS103.3 million. The two way underpass is going to connect with Hussain Chowk through the Kasuri Road.

The proposed height and width of the underpass stands at 3.1 meters and 13.6 meters respectively. This means that any buses or trucks will not be able to travel through the underpass.

According to LDA, the underpass will facilitate around 40,000 vehicles daily. The project is also being funded by the LDA. It will spend a total of 7 million Rupees on land acquisition while RS5 million will go towards shifting the utilities.

LDA also recently announced a new bypass that starting from Defence Road touching Multan Road to Sharaqpur through Lahore-Jaranwala Road.

Here’s the official excerpt: