It’s Confirmed! Wolverine 3 To Be R-Rated – Begins Production

Prepare yourself to see Wolverine like you have never seen before.

Following the massive success of Marvel’s Deadpool, an R-Rated superhero movie making $132.7 million in its opening weekend and becoming the highest grossing R-Rated movie off all time, there were rumors that the next Wolverine movie would also be R-Rated.

Producer Simon Kinberg, who actively overlooks the X-Men universe of Fox studios has confirmed that Wolverine 3 has not only begun shooting, but will now also be R-Rated.

In an interview to Collider, the producer confirmed that the R certificate will completely change the way we can portray Wolverine. He assures that it will be a very different movie from the previous installments of Wolverine, dubbing it ‘Cooler’.

Wolverine 3 is set to release in 2017. It will be the third and final installment in the series where Hugh Jackman will portray the iconic Wolverine. After that, reports have indicated that the studio is looking forward to introduce a female Wolverine, aka X-23.

Expect to see a lot of violence,gore and maybe a little sex and a lot of F words.

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