Is This How The iPhone 7 Looks Like?

A supposedly leaked image of a woman holding an iPhone has surfaced. It claims to be the new version of the iPhone by Apple. The image first appeared on chinese social media website, Weibo .

There have been more leaked photos claiming to show iPhone 7 in the recent past. But most of these images just showed blueprints or schematic drawings listing down the internal components or digital concept drawings of the phone itself.

This is the first ever photo that actually shows a real phone in someone’s hand. Although the image looks very real, there is no evidence that this indeed is the new iPhone.


But from the image above, you can see that the iPad style smart connector is missing and the rumors that predicted iPhone 7 will have dual cameras is also not true from the picture.

For the time being, we can only speculate how the new phone looks like or what features it will bring with it. iPhone 7 and all other high end Apple products for this year will be announced and released in September later this year.