HTC To Make Comeback In Pakistan

Before Samsung and iPhone dominated the high end smartphone market in Pakistan, there was HTC.

No matter where you went or who you went, HTC was ‘The’ statement when it came to high end, high powered and fashionable smartphones. Then came Samsung with their Galaxy flagship smartphones and everyone went crazy. This is when HTC suffered not only in Pakistan, but worldwide. It withdrew its official smartphones from Pakistan.

But now the smartphone giant is about to make a sweet, sweet comeback in Pakistan.

According to various sources, HTC is coming back to Pakistan on May 25, 2016 with the help of Mullers and Phipps as its official distributor and marketer.

But HTC will face tougher competition than ever before. The Pakistani smartphone market is already saturated with tons of smartphone manufacturers from around the world, especially China.

If they intend to breakthrough the tough competition, they really need to come up with options that are affordable and high end at the same time. Otherwise, people will still keep going for the standard Samsung Galaxy or iPhone as their number one smartphone choice.

With HTC back in the market, you will no longer have to purchase their sets from gray market, which often don’t carry phones with legit warranties, accessories or even boxes.

No details are currently available on which HTC phones will be coming to Pakistan. But one thing is for sure, you will now be able to get genuine stuff with proper warranty.