Hey 90’s Kids – SWAT KATS Are Coming Back!

SWAT KATS was one of the coolest cartoon TV series ever to hit Pakistan. We remember how we used to wait for this cartoon show to play everyday on PTV in the afternoon. But as always, good things must come to an end and that is exactly what happened to SWAT KATS. The cartoon show was dropped and after nearly 22 years of absence, it is about to make a comeback.

The creators of SWAT KATS, the Tremblay Brothers have finally turned to the fans to generate enough fundings to bring the popular cartoon TV series back.

Tremblay Bros Studios have turned to Kickstarter to request the fans of the series to raise funds for producing a brand new series known as the SWAT KAT Revolutions.


The project was launched on July 23 with a basic funding aim of $50,000, which has already been met. Within a month of the posting, the Kickstarter gig has earned as much as $141,000 in total. This much money has already enabled the creators to create a brand new series along with a 2 minute animation teaser to set the tone of the new series.

If they reach a funding of $1,500,000, they will be able to produce a streaming movie of SWAT KATs with a duration of 70 minutes.

Check them out at Kickstarter.