Government To Convert Soon Valley Into A High End Tourist Destination

Spokesperson for the Sagodha division commissioner recently announced that the government will spend RS200 million on a project that will convert Soon Valley In Kushab District, a high end tourist destination.

He said that they plan to convert the Soon Valley into an international tourist destination. For the entire project, many recreational facilities will be added. In the first phase, work on Khabeli Lake and Kanthi Garden has begun. The first phase is set to be completed by June 2016.

The second phase will begin immediately and will be completed in June 2017. He said that the Khabeli Lake is an ideal location for boating, so they are trying to develop the infrastructure. Also the fact that thousands of migratory birds visit the valley every year, makes it an ideal location for people who love watching birds.

Below are some of the images portraying the beauty of the valley.



Verdant landscapes in Soon Valley