China To Build A Muslim Theme Park Intended To Change The Vision Of Islam

Leaders of China are spending as much as $3.5 billion on Yinchuan in hopes of converting into a giant ‘World Muslim City’. The project idea is to decorate the park with structures that share architecture forms of cultural muslim structures such as mosques. A Golden Palace is planned that will be a complete Mosque like structure complete with elaborate lighting and Arabic street signs and a dance show.

This project is going to be connected to the nearby airport by a 900,000 square feet terminal to meet the demands of tourists flying in to see the theme park.

Yinchuan City is 600 miles west of Beijing. It is the capital of Ningxia region that is governed by China’s Hui Muslims. This project is one of the government’s larger bid to improve its relations with the Arab world. China has recently faced criticism for repressive treatment of muslims.

The project is Beijing’s interest to promote a positive image of the chinese muslims and their view on Islam. A white paper was published by President Xi Jinping in January that detailed how he plans to increase the influence of his country in the Middle East.