Checkout These Sizzling New Photos Of Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan has made waves in Bollywood in a very short period of time. He is now considered one of the big ‘Khans’ of the industry. Fawad has been mentioned numerous times in high end magazine lists. He found the third spot in the Time Magazine’s ’50 Most Desierable Men of 2015′ list and as well as gained a top position in Times Celebx List which included big names like Shah-Rukh-Khan.


He has now appeared on the cover of another popular magazine ‘Hi Blitz’.

But that doesn’t mean Fawad is free of fears of performing. Talking to Hi Blitz, the star told that he is frightened to perform on stage. He agreed that he has stage fright because when someone goes on stage, they can feel the sheer pressure and you just can’t perform, you have to perform perfectly.

In the interview, Fawad Khan also talked about other things like his sense of humor. He told Hi Blitz that he used to have a very morbid sense of humor which people around him generally didn’t get.

Here are the pictures taken by Hi Blitz: