Brace Yourselves – Meera Is Writing A Book

Meera can’t seem to stick to a single creative field. A while ago the actress said she was going to make a film, but now she says she’s writing a book.

In an interview to Dawn TV’s Ye Hai Zindigi morning show (See Below), Meera said she is tired of acting for now and wants to take a break for a while.

Her latest film which happens to be a psycho thriller titled ‘Hotal’ is set to release on this weekend. The star wants to take a break now.

She continued to tell that she does have something interesting under her sleeves for her future, but for now, the film industry has to see her go away for a while. She said she will only do a film if it’s really good and worth it.

Then she finally revealed that she is writing a book. According to Meera, her book will be detailing very incident and personality  that is close to her heart and those who have hurt her.

As for her latest film Hotal, the star said there is no item song in the movie because she wants to gain recognition through her acting.

If you’re wondering why Hotal isn’t called Hotel, Meera also answered this question. According to her, the spelling of the movie is also part of the suspense. She insisted that the whole story is kind of rooted in the ‘A’ of Hotal.

Let’s see what Meera has got when the film finally releases this Friday all across Pakistan.

Watch the complete interview below:

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