Android N Aims To Fix All Your Battery Woes

With new and powerful smartphones hitting the market every year, there seems to be one general issue plaguing them regardless of their make/model.

Battery life of new and powerful phones have been nothing short of abysmal, with some high end phones barely making it through half the day after a full charge.

Google has finally stepped in to fix this issue or at least try to improve the battery life of smartphones that are running Android. At a recent I/O event, Google showed the developers how they intend to evolve the operating system in favor of power and RAM allocation efficiency.

The search engine giant and makers of Android OS are planning to kill all rogue background receivers (all services that are commonly used by other apps to run). This will cause the developers to forcefully reduce the usage of background services on their apps, giving the operating system much more control over what happens in the background.

For you, this means that Android will now have to power to significantly increase your battery efficiency by controlling the wakelock themselves. In simple words, Android will now be able to tweak and use the phone’s available resources when the screen is turned off, ultimately reducing their load on the battery.

This will affect both low and high end Android powered devices, whether tablet or phone.

For more information on Android N, watch the video below