After The Yellow Box Of Happiness, A Fridge Is Showing Kindness In Peshawar

The intolerable heat hitting the country is no different in Peshawar. With temperatures rising to 44 degrees celsius, labourers of the city have no where to work with shades.

Thankfully, some students from different universities are coming up with different ways to help the poor of the city. First a few students from Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) installed a yellow box that offered 2 meals for free to anyone looking for food.

Now some students have come up with a new initiative inspired by Karachi’s Fixit campaign. They have installed a fridge and filled it with cold drinks and fresh fruits for anyone who wants to refresh themselves during the scorching heat.

The fridge is set near a CNG station just opposite of Islamia College, Peshawar building.

Hasher Mehsood who leads the initiative told express tribune:

We have installed it on humanitarian grounds to provide relief to the needy in this hot weather.” He adds it is aimed at facilitating labourers who work without fans or air conditioners.

The fridge was purchased and installed with the help of donations. Now he and his team plans to expand the initiative and take it to the rest of the city. It is being powered by a line taken from the CNG station. The CNG station owner has also instructed guards to keep an eye on the fridge.

Hasher Mehsood has requested that people donate to the cause.

Via Tribune