You Shall Not Connect To My Wi-Fi – Dubai Fatwa Bans Wi-Fi Jacking

Tired of people connecting to your Wi-Fi internet signal? Maybe you should put in some effort and secure your connection from your neighbors.

But, if that sounds troubling.. consider moving to Dubai. A fatwa (religious law) has been passed against people connecting to insecure Wi-Fi.

The law came into being when a user inquired if it was ‘okay’ to connect to an insecure Wi-Fi belonging to someone else without their knowledge. This inquiry was addressed by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) of Dubai.

The department responded by quoting the following modern fatwas section. It read:

 It is not allowed for people to use what belongs to others without payment or without their permission. Therefore, the internet should be used only after subscribing for the service.

So, yes. Try not to connect to an insecure Wi-Fi connection in Dubai because if you do, we can’t guarantee what’ll the IACAD may do to you.

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