Wife Lock Kids Behind Door And Beats Husband For Asking More Rotis

Mahendra Mali Marathi, a resident of Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and a fireman by profession came late from work, tired and hungry.

When he sat down for dinner, he wasn’t happy to see two small rotis on his table. This made him furious and he asked his wife to make more rotis for him.

When he demanded more, his wife Ujjwala didn’t like like his request and asked him to cook for himself. When he started persisting, the wife got furious and threw a stone she found in a flower pot at him. The stone hit Marathi’s forehead and he immediately started bleeding.

Witnesses say that the woman also broke down a clock and some window panes. Afterwards, she walked out of the house locking down her husband and two kids aged 14 and 10 behind.

The witnesses later summoned the local police to handle the situation. Women police also arrived at the scene to control the furious wife.

Ujjwala has now moved in with her sister who claims that Marathi was involved in domestic violence and used to beat her sister regularly.