Watch: Would You Pay RS 140,000 For A Kebab?

Hazev restaurant in Cahary Wharf, UK, serves a kebab costing a whopping £925 (RS 1 Lakh 40 Thousands).

The head chef, Onder Sahan, revealed the kebab to the public in a video and challenged anyone to cook a better kebab. He said if someone can cook a better kebab than his, he will pay more than £1000.

Onder calls his kebab ‘The Royal Kebab’. He uses finest Japaenese Wagyu Beef, 25 year-old italian vinegar and fresh morel mushrooms as ingredients in the kebab.

Onder has claimed the first prize at the British Kebab Awards making him the country’s number one kebab chef.

Other ingredients used in the kebab range from milk fed goat and lamb minced into kofta. Turkish basil, La Vallee Des Baux Olive Oil, Courgette flowers and French Chaumes cheese is also part of the ingredients.

Watch the video below for more details