Watch: Eye To Eye Sensation Taher Shah Releases New Video ‘Angel’

Brace yourself. Mankind’s savior is here.

Taher Shah, the man behind the epic ‘Eye To Eye’ is back with another music video.

Dressed in purple velvety and blue robe with a wand in his hand, chest hair popping out, Taher Shah is ready to win your hearts, minds and souls with his new track ‘Angel’ (pronounced En-Gel).

Watch the video below for your daily dose of giggles.

In case you haven’t heard Shah’s original internet hit ‘Eye to Eye’, we’ve got you covered.

Below is the original 2013 Eye To Eye video that went instant viral once it was released to the internet.

So what do you guys think? Improvement? Disastrous? Let us know in the comment section below.