Watch: 15 Terribly Viral Songs That Scream ‘Taher Shah’

1. Sunday Morning Love You – Bhim Niroula

This guy wanna love you Sunday Morning, Monday morning…every morning.

2. Friday – Rebecca Black

Who can forget the internet sensation Rebecca Black? It’s Friday, Friday, Friday… FUN FUN FUN.. Yayyyy

3. Jenna Rose – My Jeans ft. Baby Triggy

Spoiler: The jeans appear at the end.

4. Vennu Mallesh – It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

Girl: Hey R U going to SIng??

Vennu Mustache Mallesh: Ya, but it’s not a song.. it’s my life

*Dangerously sexy guitaring*

5. D4NNY – Goodbye

Goodbye dear world..goodbye..

6. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan – Love Charger

This guy can charge your UPS with his love charger.

7. IceJJFish – On The Floor

I honestly don’t know what this guy is trying to say.

8. Ylvis – The Fox

What does the fox say??


Hey this is actually pretty catchy.


9. Idea Honey Bunny Ur Style

When China does Bollywood…the results are Idea Honey Bunny

10. Reh Dogg – Why Must I Cry

After watching the video, you’ll at least be able to answer why you are crying.

11. Wang Rong Rollin – Chick Chick

The fun starts at 1:04.

No more chicken karahi for us from now on.

12. Baba Sehgal – Mere Paas Hai Mutual Fund

A perfect example of wrong investments.

13. Alison Gold – ABCDEFG

Dear parents, please don’t teach your kids ABCDEFG this way.

14. LadyBaby – Nippon Manju

Ummmm… Were-ladies?

15. Justin Bieber – Baby ft.Ludacris

Now how could we forget the undisputed champion himself?