This Man Has Been Shaping Pakistani Youth In The Most Unexpected Way

From looks, Mohammad Ayub appears to be just another ordinary Pakistani citizen. But what he has chosen to dedicate his life towards may surprise you.

Muhammad Ayub has taken it personally to teach young children of Islamabad. Every day at 3 pm, he rides his bicycle to a public park in the upscale sector of F-6 to teach as many as 200 children from different backgrounds of the city. The children know him as ‘Master Ayub’.

Muhammad Ayub moved to Islamabad 30 years ago after securing a job with fire brigade. He moved here alone while his family was back in his home village. After his day time job, he had plenty of spare time but nothing interesting to do.

Then one day Master Ayub came across a little child washing cars and he wondered why this child wasn’t in school. The response of the child was as typical as it could get ‘ my parents are poor, so they cannot afford education for me’.

Upon hearing this, Ayub couldn’t resist. He brought the child a notebook, gave him a pencil to write with and started teaching him right on the spot – on bare ground. This is when Master Ayub’s free teaching story begins.

From there on, Ayub remembers that the boy started bringing in his friends and soon the number of children went up to 50. And today, with some help from friends and former students, Master Ayub’s school inside the f-6 public park has around 200 regular students studying from grade 1 to 10.

Master Ayub still holds an administrative position in the Fire Brigade but in a few years he is set to retire. Once retired, he dreams of building a real school where he will accommodate children from all kinds of backgrounds and provide them with computers and other necessities. The children studying under him are helping him realize his dream by collecting stones and bricks from nearby vicinity and piling them around the entrance of the park.