People Respond To Govt’s SKMH Allegations With Even More Donations

Islamabad: Govt leaders held a joint presser on Wednesday in response to the allegations made against the party leadership after the Panama Papers leaks. They joined together and accused opposition leader Imran Khan of investing the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH) donations in offshore companies.

Govt top leaders held a joint presser in the wake of allegations made against their party. But instead of explaining the claims that surfaced after the Panama Leaks, the leadership instead accused the opposing party’s chairman for being involved in investing offshore from the donations made towards SKMH.

But, yet the response of the public against these allegations have been positive. Several people are uploading images of text messages sent to the official donation number of SKMH.

The Hashtag #DonateToSKMH was trending all day on Twitter which shows who the people are siding with.