Dr. Amir Liaquat To Star Next To Saima In The Next Cinema Project By Syed Noor

In a recent interview to Dawn News, Syed Noor spilled some beans on his upcoming project.

The fabled director is almost done with his latest project ‘Bhai Wanted’. After this project, Syed Noor is all set to direct the biggest project of his life (in his own words).

According to Noor, he wrote a screenplay around four years ago that aims to deliver a different message through a film. He has already picked Saima for the lead lady role.

But when it came to choosing the lead male role, Syed Noor picked Dr.Amir Liaquat.

He told Dawn that when he visited Dr. Amir’s show, his heart was settled on picking him as the lead role for his new project.

Initially, Noor had problems convincing Amir Liaquat. But when the story of the film was told to Amir, he immediately agreed to star next to Saima.

The name of the project is still unknown. According to Noor Sahab, the project will start as soon as Dr. Amir Liaquat is available.