10 Of The Best Internet Responses To Taher Shah’s Angel

When Eye to Eye was released in 2013, it went insanely viral in Pakistan and around the world. Naturally, there were thousands of memes and old school internet responses to the released video.

3 years later, the release of his single ‘Angel’ isn’t so much different from the original when it comes to setting the world on fire. In 2 days, ‘Angel’ received as many as 2 million views on its YouTube and Facebook Video.

Naturally the internet responded the way it loves to; with memes and video responses.

We have collected 10 of the most hilarious internet responses to’Angel’ in a single post!

1. Mr.Bean Reacts to Angel – Someone just edited the original Angel video with reactions of Mr.Bean in it. The results are hilarious.

[fbvideo url=”https://www.facebook.com/M.MastiOfficial/videos/506268992894153/”]


2. Hitler Reacts To Angel – The infamous clip from Downfall (2004 movie) is now available as a response to Angel.



3. Reaction By YouTuber ‘The Dope’ – Be sure to checkout this hilarious review/reaction video by ‘The Dope’. (spoiler: It features WWE star Ric Flair)




5. Tweet Reaction By Bollywood Star Twinkle Khanna