A Wrongly Parked Car Stirred Unrest In Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad

Was it right for the affected party to write messages on the wrongly parked car?

UPDATE: Trending.pk was contacted directly by a witness of the scenario that took place at Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad. We felt it was important to update what they had to say about the issue, clarifying the details:

For privacy concerns, the contact is being kept anonymous.

It was last saturday 7-8pm i was there. Pretty much witnessed the scene.1915 was called by a lady twice or maybe thrice.They came after the situation was resolved and their office is right behind pappasallis. I.e. 2 mins drive. I am posting this everywhere ppl r saying they shud have called 1915…I don’t want misinformation to spread while we saw the actual situation happen. And this whole scenario continued for one good hour. Where initially the first priority of ppl was to involve the police..seems like they didn’t want to be involved.

Last night, someone parked a car in a very wrong spot in Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad.

According to the people who were immediately affected by the wrong parking, it belonged to middle aged man/woman.

The car was wrongly parked in front of the street next to Papasalis, a popular dine in restaurant in Islamabad.

The way the car was parked, it blocked the only exit and according to witnesses, about 50 cars were blocked behind it for at least 30-40 minutes.

An Islamabad resident had their car blocked by this wrongly car parked. The said party was a family visiting Jinnah Super Market with infants, elderly and disabled.

They honked for the car owner to return but he never returned. After waiting about 30-40 minutes, the affected party went on to the car and left messages on it with a temporary marker which can be seen in the images below.

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Also according to witnesses, the wrongly parked car owner was informed countless times for his mistake and he refused to move the car which caused distressed to a lot of people in the area by blocking the traffic flow and making it impossible for nearby parked cars to leave the parking area.

Was it right for the affected party to take law in hands?

Even though the car was wrongly parked and caused distressed to a lot of people in the area, was it a good course of action to punish the car owner by putting messages and marker lines on his car?

Even if someone did this deliberately, the right course of action would have been to call the traffic police on the scene. Islamabad traffic police is available to help out round the clock by dialing 1915 from your phone.

What do you think? Did the accused deserve judgement from other citizens or was it better for the affected to call the police?


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  1. Islamabad traffic police does not respond to complaints. Just last week my car was blocked in F-8 markaz. I called Islamabad police 915 number. They noted down all the details and confirmed that complaint is lodged. Just that the help never arrived. I reminded them after 45 mins, but to no effect.

  2. Yes they did a very good thing by shaming the owner of this car. Besides its a temporary marker and no damage caused to the vehicle. When people act arrogant and stupid, there is absolutely no harm in dealing with such situations yourself. The police have more important matters to worry about.

  3. Several calls were made to the police department before writing anything on the car. Police arrived approx 30 mins after the first call was made.

  4. Should have broken the windows and side mirror instead of writing with a temporary marker. Or at least the should’ve written all this with a permanent marker so the stupid car owner never even thinks about making this ‘mistake’ again.

  5. Morally, it’s the crowd decesion to say bad about the guy on spot.The culprit should be punished for wrong parking . It’s social issue and can be talked and discuss at all places. Let people understand And change their mindset on stubbornness. No one is allowed to make things hard for others specially when someone is blocked.

  6. You all don’t need to do this . Because Our all community is not well educated. You should guide to him when he came back. No need to wrote on his car. Some people’s who comes from rural areas have no daily routine this type of environment.

  7. should have punctured the bloody tyres and broken the windows.

    He deserved it if he was informed and still did nothing to correct his mistake. By not doing anything then it became a crime. And a punishment is in order.

  8. I think they were way to leniant with the concerned party. It was something that the person did intentionally, not caring for the problems others might face. Should have slashed his tires

  9. U r a fool if u expect anything good, rather any response at all, from the police. Such ignorant and shameless people deserve to be treated in the same manner.

  10. Acha kia mera saath bhi hua tha
    I could not take out my CAR off parking due to the parked vehicle behind it 🙁
    It had wasted my 45 mins with family to remain there helpless.
    Lanat hai aise logo pe jo wrong park karte hain gaari

  11. I think the chap got off very lightly, if it were me it would have been a totally different story. The sad thing is that he would probably do the same again.

  12. If the owner refuse to move the car knowingly then he should be put behind bars for kidnapping and keeping so many citizens hostage. Yes permanent marker should have been used. However police is also responsible for much delayed response.

  13. It should be a big lesson for all drivers who did same. Wrong parking can creat a disaster for any one who has a medical emergency. It could be a horrible change in any body.

  14. zif is was there i would bloody buy the permanent paints from inside the mart break the glass and shed all the paint on the car seats on body and rubish his car completly then i will be happy and go on my on way. Aesy logon k gardaon say sariyaey nikal na bohat zarori hai

  15. If democracy is collective wisdom then mob justice should be too….. nahi! When those who are responsible for providing relief quickly, fail in their duties, then people take the law into their own hands and decide on their own!

  16. They knew the consternation they had caused. Just did not give a damn. The vehicle should have beem burnt and thr owner badly beaten. Then maybe, just maybe they wont have dared do it again.

  17. good work, and for those who said break the windows, i would also say that they are the real PARHA LIKHA JAHIL,,

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